Monday, September 5, 2016

Isn't mother nature supposed to love us all.

Mother nature, I hate you.
At least I do right now. If you're a girl reading this, I'm sure you probably already know what this is about. If not, then I'll just tell you right now.
Periods, PMS-ing, that time of the month, cranky mode, hormones overload, blood gushing out of the vagina.
At the moment I'm on my period. And it sucks.
I hate it when guys say "it can't be that bad", well then I say, "no uterus, no opinion".
This summer vacation I went to a sailing camp (I go every year). And there are these boys that I know pretty well, because they go every year too and I was in the same class in elementary school with some of them. But there is this one particular boy, and this year he was the oldest from the camp I think. Still he ins't more than 1 or 2 years older than I am so it's whatever.
The thing is, he could be so annoying, but at the same time, he is pretty cute. So you're just like, 'okay whatever I'll let it slide'. He was that kind of perverted guy that's totally inappropriate but if it would come down to it he wouldn't know what to do. That kind of guy.
One of the female instructors was one her period that week. And he made sure that everyone in the camp knew, while we were all having dinner. :) Tasty!
And he just kept on saying that it must not be that bad, she was just exaggerating and stuff like that. And literally asked her "can I smack him?"
and she said "yeah sure, whatever. O, but make sure it's hard" and he just said to me "babe I would see that long coming so I wouldn't try if I were you" 3 seconds later he looks away to the kitchen area and when he turns his head back around my hand is right there, "okay yeah I didn't see that one coming"
So ladies if a guy ever says to you that you're exaggerating I say, smack him in the face! HARD!
'Cause guys it literally feels like you're being punched in the vagina. Over, and over.
I once saw this quote on Instagram and I thought "that couldn't be more accurate".

-x- Caroline

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