Saturday, September 3, 2016

Enough is enough

So in my last post I told you that I play field hockey. And every Saturday I have a game. My season has just started and my club has joined with another club and is now named HCS its basically stands for, Hockey Combination Schiedam.
With the new club comes new uniforms, new people and of course new teams. My team has a variety of girls from my old club, which I know very well, and girls from the club we have joined with, whom I don't really know. Most of the girls are great and we get along really well but there are always those certain girls who think that they're better than anyone else in the team (most of the time they aren't) and always have  something to say about someone else even though it might be their own fault.
My team has one of those girls. Let's call her Julie. So, Julie is always picking fights and saying stuff behind peoples backs. We all know what's she's saying and who it's about but we just let it slide 'cause frankly we don't really care.
But it's the most annoying when she starts screaming at other people on the field, while a game is going on. I mean I get that it's annoying that someone made a mistake, or someone should've had that ball that came towards her, But I just keep it to myself or say to the person. 'Better next time, just keep going'. But when Julie starts screaming at everyone on the field this whole drama starts. Everyone starts saying that it's not their faults, that they should just keep on going and  most of the time that everyone should just shut up. But with everyone on the team saying that we should shut up, nobody actually shuts up.
There are a few reasons why everyone should keep it to them selves and tell their problem to the coach or something like that.
1. It throws everybody off, most of the time we can't really concentrate anymore after that.
2. It just doesn't look great in front of the other team, the people on the sidelines and it just gives an overall bad name to our team.
3. last but not least, while you're screaming at your teammate that they should stay with their 'girl' (the girl from the other team you're supposed to keep in 'check'.) your own 'girl' walks away from you, gets the ball and scores.

The atmosphere (I think you can say that in this sentence..?) is overall just not great and it all just starts with this one girl. Julie.

She even starts saying things to referee or saying things about him, that he isn't doing it right and stuff like that. It's just so annoying and I just literally want to yell at the referee 'give her a card, just so she's of the field!!'

The season hasn't even officially started yet, (we always have practise games before the season starts)
and I'm already done with all of the shit that's going on.
-x- Caroline

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